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Mercerized ! Cost !!!

It costs a little more! Compared to the normal cotton

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Mercerized! ! ! Value.

Worth more! Because it lasts longer !!!

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Mercerized! ! ! Solid Colors

Brilliant and Intense Color

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Mercerized! ! ! No Peeling, Forever

Twisted Yarn, Sharper Without Pilling

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Mercerized! ! ! Naturally Transpirable

Absorbs body moisture favoring perspiration, so Natural

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Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized Cotton

it 'a natural fiber that does not irritate the skin, but it facilitates transpiration, the quality level higher achieved in the production of textile products in the cotton, occurs through the;Process of Mercerization

The cotton is mainly composed of natural fibers, cellulose is mercerized ie, purified by a process Chemical - Physical with natural products. So you get a new physical structure of the cellulose is chemically identical to the natural form, but with more bonds between the carbon atoms and the groups formed by oxygen and hydrogen.

This new fiber is called

Cotton Mercerized, it is a product of natural cellulose Eco Sustainable

, unlike the fibers obtained from wood by cutting plants, is not considered a regenerated cellulose, which are Cupro, Viscose, Modal, Lyocell.

The products of this textile finishing, carry the Label Cotton Mercerized , in its most qualified quality is produced in skeins of wires with the definition known in the market of Filo di Scozia.

These processes have certainly a cost, but the Mercerized Cotton has many advantages, for this reason the products labeled mercerized cotton, are more valuable.

 The Mercerization is also applied to other cellulosic fibers such as Natural Linen, Hemp, the Bamboo, bringing significant benefits and quality improvements in manufactured products.

But be careful you need to be sure that it really Cotton Mercerized. Here's how Check the Quality of Mercerized Cotton.


Mercerizzed Cotton, Benefits

Mercerized Cotton Value


Identify Quality