Thursday, 21 March 2019

And 'guaranteed this will never happen to a Polo or T-Shirt Cotton Mercerized

Research by  Cotton Incorporated

What are the main problems consumers are experiencing

with their clothing purchases?

    PILLING                   WEAR and TEAR            FADING      WRINKLED          SHRINKING


Mercerized Cotton, Benefits  

Absorption and Perspiration

Following the Mercerization the cotton fiber greatly improves the ability to transpire, what the capacity to absorb the moisture present on the surface of our skin and with the effect of heat, release to the environment.

This feature is even more enjoyable in the sun, on hot days when we wear polo shirts or T-shirts, so we can feel a pleasant sensation of cool, dry, naturally antibacterial, with the advantage of having a natural fiber in contact with skin

Intense and Brilliant, Resistant, Shrinkproof

More intense colors and brilliant, the same consumption of dyes, better resistance to tearing and abrasion, non-shrink and distort. A leader in Cotton Mercerized lasts many years and stored as new even after many washings.

Cleaning and Conservation

The advantages of a high quality product produced with natural yarns, twists, sharp without pilling even after many washings, without pilling forever.

Solid colors and intense, resistant to washing, rubbing, light, even after being washed several times.

Knitwear fabrics and stable in size, they do not shrink after the first wash.

Possibility to wash clothes even at temperatures above 60 ° C, there is no comparison with other fibers that already above 30 ° C recede significantly up to make the head unusable already after 2 or 3 washes.



No need for a towel capture color

The advantage of being able to wash your individual garments with other clothing without fear that the colors migrate or be absorbed. No need for a wipe saves color, so each must wash save money and time.


 Saving water and energy in the washing, because you can wash in cold water.

Reduce consumption of detergents, do not serve the wipes capture color

Naturally Eco Sustainable

The environment also thanked