Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mercerized cotton, the best clothes, cotton Ecosustainable

The products come from a mercerized cotton fiber of the most environmentally sustainable. The efforts of these last decades to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation, to limit as much as possible pesticides, until arriving to the productions Bio Certificate has made possible the availability of the fiber Natural for Excellence.

Our information is based on the method of Life Cycle Assessment (evaluation of the life cycle, LCA), which assesses a set of interactions that a product or a service has with the environment, considering its entire life cycle in all its phases production of materials, manufacturing, distribution and use (also operation and maintenance), recycling and final disposal. The procedure LCA is internationally standardized by ISO 14040 and 14044.

In 2012 the ANVIR comparative study of three different T-shirts Polo and T-shirtsmade with different manufacturing processes.

The results are significant:


- Reduction of the dyes used in equal visual effect. 




8.5% concentration of the dye, to dye cotton fabrics 

3.5% concentration of the dye, to dye fabrics mercerized. In addition the colors are more solid. (do not release during the home laundering)


- Reducing the time required for drying after washing.

-Reduced time to board the shirt of about 40%, with a consequent reduction in the consumption of electrical energy.

- The most significant difference is that at equal value of detrioramento shirt, for the cotton fabric were carried out 165 cycles of domestic washing, against the 250 cycles of washing and ironing board for shirts mercerized.

We do not believe the reuse of cotton

Today we talk about re use of materials are believed to operate in a sustainable way. It is not always true in the case of cotton is a serious mistake, one of the most important features is the length of the cotton fiber. In the recycling operations of the manufactured articles of cotton, we get a very short fiber, which mixed with the new fiber only allows to increase the weight of the yarn, but within the first washings this part of the recycled material ends up in the waste water, so we get, after only few washes, clothes crumpled.

The best way to recycle cotton

Cotton is composed of a chain of cellulosic macromolecules composed of units of cellobiose which is a disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules. The best method for ricilclare cotton is turn enzymatically in natural sugars, glucose, in turn suitable for processing into bioethanol.

In the end products in Cotton Mercerized they cost less, because they last longer. We are positioned exactly opposite of disposable system.