Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Value of Cotton Mercerized

The price of a textile product is the sum of the costs necessary to produce, distribute and market a particular product. While the cost also includes all the necessary stages of daily maintenance of this artifact, which the washing, ironing.



The mercerized yarns are used for precious artifacts, with good characteristics of deformability and breathability of fabrics. Products that better resist wear over time, the repeated washing, to iron and weathering. Products selected for the quality market and the most prestigious designers.

The lifetime of a product in mercerized cotton is significantly higher than similar products in natural cotton  or yarn of regenerated cellulose, such as Cupro, Viscose, Modal, Lyocell.

So on balance Coast Less !!!

Attention not always if it costs more worth and lasts longer. We should  verify the quality of mercerized yarns.

The Cotton Mercerized, Costly

It Polo, T-shirts, underwear, socks ... Produced with mercerized cotton yarn, cost more than similar articles produced with natural cotton or synthetic yarn, for the treatment of mercerization is an added cost in the production chain.

The best cottons

The finest fibers in basswood extra long, chosen among the Best cottons in the world, such as fibers Egyptian Giza 45 or Giza 87, the West Indian Sea Island Cotton and Upland, or long staple as fribre Mako, US and Peruvian Pima Cotton the fibers Chinese Xinjiang.

Processing of the Best Spinning

Yarn of high quality, smooth, resistant and minimum hairiness, preferably produced with the process "Compact" that improves the distribution of the fibers so as to obtain yarns with a perfect structure, resistant, limited hairiness, and better abrasion resistance.